Conservation Sciences Travel Grant

Presentation of research at professional meetings is an important graduate student experience. The Conservation Sciences program encourages students to talk with their advisors about opportunities to give presentations at national and international meetings. To help encourage students to present their findings throughout their graduate career, the Program has a fixed amount of funds to distribute to students for travel to meetings. The Program will support individual travel requests with up to $400 for U.S. meetings and $600 for international meetings (less for regional meetings to which you can drive). To request support for travel, please email the program coordinator at [email protected]. Only one request per semester per student will be funded. Only students presenting papers or posters will receive funds. 

To request these funds, please send the following to [email protected]

  1. A copy of your abstract. In your abstract address, you MUST list Conservation Sciences Graduate Program, University of Minnesota. If this is not there, you will not receive funds (this advertises our program).
  2. The name, dates and location of the meeting. Your presentation must already be accepted.
  3. Your advisor's name.
  4. A summary of additional funds that you have requested or received. Please ask your advisor for support, especially if the advisor is listed as a co-author of your presentation.

Award funds can be used for travel, lodging, or registration. You should make these requests as early as possible to assure that you will have a good chance of obtaining the funds.

Prior to attending your meeting, you are encouraged to practice your talk or present your poster for comments at the Tuesday brown-bag seminar series.