Conservation Sciences Association of Graduate Students (CSAGS)

CSAGS is a student group that represents and serves Conservation Science graduate students. All CS Graduate Program students are automatically members of CSAGS. As a representative of CS students, CSAGS seeks to: 

  • Facilitate communication among the graduate students, faculty, administration, and alumni of the Conservation Sciences graduate program.
  • Provide Conservation Sciences graduate students with leadership and skills development opportunities.
  • Provide networking and social opportunities for Conservation Sciences graduate students.
  • Serve as advocates for all Conservation Sciences graduate students to Conservation Sciences faculty and administration in the Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology Department, and to college and University level faculty and administration, as appropriate.
  • Provide a structure and mechanism for sharing information, acquiring, storing, and spending funds, and organizing such events and activities as the Conservation Sciences seminar series, annual fundraiser, peer-mentor-match, and similar efforts.
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration with other graduate student programs and organizations such as the Natural Resources Association of Graduate Students (NRAGS).

For more information, visit CSAGS website.